Here are some encouraging testimonials about fundraisers with Color of Language products, specifically our annual ASL 14-month calendar.

It’s our joy and honor to walk the fundraising journey with you and help in whatever way!


It has traditionally been a challenge for us to raise money with our Deaf/Hard of Hearing Parent Teacher Organization. We are a very small group, and have a small network of support. This year, we decided to sell COL calendars. We ordered 100, not even sure we would be able to sell all of them. We ended up needing 40 more, and made over $1,000 in profit. This was a very low maintenance, easy fundraiser to do. We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out, and look forward to working with COL next year.

Jennifer Ratchel, Teacher of the Deaf
Bakersfield CA

I am so excited to share our success again with Color of Language’s calendar fundraiser here at Waving Hands in Florida. In 2012 we sold the undated “Signs for Life” calendar with great success (150 calendars $1,425 profit from December through February). In 2013 we sold 100 “Medical” calendars making $900 profit. And this year we have been selling the 2014 “Animal” calendars and to date have sold 125 ¬†($1,000 profit) and this month [January 2014] we need to order 25 more. Please rush our order so we can continue selling. Thank you!

John Paul Jebian
Waving Hands, FL