Pet Animal Curriculum, Level 1 (“What?” Series) (Download)

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Level One of our Pet Curriculum introduces Signs for the vocabulary being taught ( i.e.: dog, cat, etc.) using large full page and full color pictures with the words printed in English.

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Level One of our NEW Pet Curriculum introduces Signs for the pet vocabulary being taught ( i.e.: dog) using large full page and full color pictures with the word printed in English.

There are three separate parts:

  1. Introductory pictures for large group instruction or to catch and keep the attention of small children.
  2. Color pages of these same pages.
  3. Cardstock version of the same pictures which can be used for Bulletin Board displays or games. (Directions for games and activity sheets are also included in the packet.)

For use in the classroom at at home for parents to complete and use this English and ASL version is a great way to teach and learn about “What” vocabulary and pet animals.

Recommended printing: durable paper. Laser printer for optimum quality.

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