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Meet @Mandy Harvey

What an inspiring story of how one deaf young lady overcame losing her hearing and learning how to sing again. Please watch and be inspired.


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Baby Signs

Just having become a grandparent, for the very first time, (by the way, love to show you pictures of the most beautiful and intelligent granddaughter, ever!), I am again reminded of the benefits of using Sign Language with infants and babies.  Evie does the “bye’ bye” motion which is common for babies, but her very …


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Experts are Telling Me NOT to Sign to My Deaf Baby

If educational experts are telling you NOT to sign to your deaf baby because he won’t be normal and won’t learn to talk if he learns ASL or learns to sign; then let’s discuss a few things. First, let’s first address the term “normal”. What does that mean? Ask your doctor what he means by the term …


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January 2017: The Executive Branch

Our 2017 Sign Language Calendar. This year’s sign language calendar focuses on teaching signs about various aspects of the United States of America. Most of the pages feature additional information about the month’s topic or theme to add extra teaching opportunities. January 2017’s theme is The Executive Branch.   Did You Know? The power of the …


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Many parents today are teaching their babies and children to sign and they aren’t even deaf. Why?

Because parents have found their hearing child can communicate with them much earlier through signs than speech. The infant/toddler can make his needs known and the parents do not have to guess why their child is crying or what he is pointing at. It reduces frustration for both parent and child and makes for a …