Why Learning A New Language Can Be Frustrating

why learning a new language can be frustrating

When starting out with a new language – especially if it is the first foreign language – many people can be overwhelemed. If you do not know where to start… learning a new language can be frustrating, yes!

Todays endless stream of resources in any language are a blessing and a curse at the same time. With hundreds of apps in the appstore, thousands of videos, articles and websites it can be hard to get into it.

Some apps are fully fledged courses that can potentially lift you to intermediate stage, while others are more sort of a supplement – designed to use along with other materials.

Luckily for you – we have tested them all, and have created a list with the best language learning tools 2022 for adults.

Being Dissented By Others Can Be A Reason Why Learning A New Language Can Be Frustrating

Other people reactinons can be a reason why language learning can be frustrating for you.

Learning a new language can be a joyful and fascinating journey that one would love to share with others. But often people may not give you the reactions one would hope for.

Some may tell you that the language you chose is useless or not spoken by enough people to justify the effort, some may tell you to rather pick spanish over japanese and so on..

On the other hand people that will preemptively reward you with praise will drecrease your likelyhood of success as well.

So our advice is to not tell anyone as you do not have much to gain from it – exception being having a language learning partner in which case you can help and motivate each other.

Doubting Your Method

You overcame the first difficulties and are a few weeks in, but progress is coming slower than you expected and you start to wonder whether you are on the right track. You start to doubt your methods.

Whatever you´ll learn there will always be a part of you that thinks or rather wishes that there was a better and faster way to do that. This can be a real motivation killer – as you go through your materials you keep thinking that maybe you´re just wasting time as you do not know the shortcut to success.

There are a lot of exciting apps that were designed in a way to give you the best results with the least amount of time and engergy being spent towards finding new materials and wondering whether the topic you chose is relevant to you.

Our favourite amongst this apps is PIMSLER. It is incredibly beginner friendly and can help you overcome these doubts by carefully helping you through every step.

This is a sweet post that gives you some additional insight on this topic: medium.com/language-frustrating

Getting Distracted

There are many things that can come in between you and your goals, such as job, kids, break ups etc.

Find a time of the day where these kind of distractions are limited to a minimum, like right in the morning after you woke up. Or right before you go to sleep. Maybe in your lunch break. Whatever works for you.

End Of Honeymoon Phase

When it gets harder and harder to open your textbook or when you start swiping the reminder of your favourite learning app away, you may have entered the end of the honeymoon phase. The honeymoon phase it the time, when you just can not get enough of the new language you recently started to learn. When every new word excites you.

After this phase comes to an end people often experience a lack of motivation and frustration. There is no real solution to this other than finding what made you fall in love with the language in the first place and trying to reignate that flame.

This can be done by watching a great tv-show in that language or listing to music in this particular language. Basically you have to know that this is normal and that you need to keep going and that you need to find ways to keep it exciting and enjoyable.

Making The Same Mistakes Over And Over

While this can certainly be a reson for frustration it is rather fixable . We have included this here because we think that in the grand scheme of things people lose interest in a language or give up after a few months because many little annoyances or frustrating things kept piling up, resulting in disinterst or lack of motivation.

It is important to recognize these little things and fix them in order to keep going forward.

Lack Of Quantified Progress

If you have ever been serious about learning a language you definitely have come across the stage where it seems that there is no progress occurring whatsoever. It feels like you are not moving forward at all.
Like swimming from one island to another and you are unsure whether you´re getting any closer or not.

In order to know where you are at and what you achieved in the past week you need some sort of tracking that tells you how many words you already know, hours you´ve listend and spoken.

Thankfully many apps and websites offer such insightful metrics to assure you that you are moving forward. Have a look at the best language learning resources!

All in all in comes down to powering through with consistency. Any of the points mentioned above will be meaningless in one or two months from now when you have made meaningful progress.