Best Apps And Language Learning Resources For Adults 2022

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, trying to upgrade your CV or just want to get prepared for your next vacation – learning a new language is always a good investment of your time and energy. With our carefully selected language learning resources for adults, you can actually start learning and speaking TODAY!

If you are still uncertain whether you should dive into this wonderful experience that is learning a new language – here are a few facts…

Why adults should learn a new language:

  • personal growth
  • more brainpower such as better memory and multitasking
  • improved employment chances
  • better social life
  • increased creativity
  • gain in perspective and cultural appreciation
  • more confidence

Language learning for adults has never been easier!

Thanks to the internet and modern technology, learning a new language in your late years has never been easier – in fact one can argue that learning a new language with the modern tools available you´ll even learn faster compared to learning it in a school setting.

There are countless possibilities and materials to learn languages – one is podcasts! With these handy tools you can listen and learn while cooking, doing sport or driving your car. Listen to our favourite podcast HERE!

Language Learning Apps For Adults

Once you hit a certain age the the rarest resource you have is time. For those who never came araound to pick up another language as there have always been other things more important, apps for your phone may be the solution.

With a few minutes each day, these beautifully designed courses, vocabulary builders and listing trainers will make you do progress for sure.

The beauty lays in the fact that you can get your lesson in at any time – whether it is while having breakfast, waiting for the subway or just before going to sleep.

Now, what you might ask yourself is whether language apps can make you fluent. We looked into this topic HERE.

Our Top Choices Of Language Learning Resources

Note that you will have to try a few of them in order to find the one that fits your needs and preferences the most. In the list below we have collected the ones that are the best ones on the market in our opinion that give you the best bang for your buck.

They differ in aspects such as features, available languages, design and many more. The crucial part is that you find an app that is fun for you to use rather than being technically well made. While the later is definitely an important factor – the much more important aspect is fun.

The key factor to success is consistency and the only way you get consistency is by enjoying the platform that you are using. So enjoy our top picks of language learning resources for adults.

Best Language Lerning Apps For Adults:

Drops: First one is drops – its a place where you can learn special vocabulary, it`s interactive. It does what it is set out to do pretty well – which is teaching you special vocabulary. It is gamified, it is fun to use. It is the place to go if you wanna memorize special vocabulary. ( very simple, very pleasant, dragging and swiping, intuitive – like using our phone, not much typing involved, is has a very large base of languages)

Babbel: It is a very effective app that does what it claims to do: teaching you a language. It is like a language learning course. It takes you from not knowing a language to intermediate level by going through all the basics. It includes long courses, desktop and mobile version, created in 2007 and has a community of one million users. It has beginner, intermediate and andvanced levels, apart from good and extensive vocabulary lessons – it covers grammar
very well, it pinpoint the grammar use and then gives you exersises to practice them. As well as impressive listening exercises in which everyday dialogues are recreated very well.

Busuu: Busuu is Babbel lesser known cousin. Teaching wise it is very similar to Babbel with the added benefit of the community feature – where you can get corrections from native speakers. ( What it does really well is balancing the three main factors of any language learning app: Contenct, achievability and features. What Busuu also does really well
is that it teaches languages in a way close to real live situations. Meaning: less translation and more thinking on your own.

Lingvist is a great app to learn vocabulary. Basically you learn vocabulary in context. It is an effective app to learn words in a context – it does its job pretty well. The example sentences that it give you while you are learning are well curated. (It is a spaced repition app that is really fun to use, What is it? A flash-card style vocabulary builder tool that is not technically flashcards, it is not a full language aquisition program like Babbel and Busuu, but when
it is used as a supplement to your language learning efforts you can make some serious progress.

Clozemaster is very similar to lingvist. However it is very gamified. You get very high quality sentences and learning material. It is very fun to use. (What does Clozemaster do well? It is really great with phrases, vocabulary and grammar, it helps you use all of this in context. Learning any new information with context is probably the best way to keep new information and Clozemaster is excellent at it.

Memrise is a momorization app that covers an incredible amount of topics including languages. It basically works by reviewing the words you learn until you memorize them.
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have a word on the tip of your tonge but the word won´t come out? That´s when Memrise comes to the rescue. It a great platform that works especially well as a complementary resource especially with vocabulary. It has officially Memrise-courses but also user created courses making the content selection huge with a lot of material form native speakers.

Rosetta Stone is a complete solution to learn a new language, it is everything you need. Is is very effective by teaching you a new language in a very intuitive way by teaching you new words in very carefully designed sequences that continuously build on what you´ve learned. Since they updated their pricing towards an affordable subscription model it became a must to try for everyone that is serious about picking up a new language.

Primsleur: I´ve been using it with every single language that I´ve learned. Highly recommended. The actual content is simply amazing. The content is a little business oriented. It it an amazing app to get started and to build confidence. (While it is not the cheapest app on the list – in the grand scheme of things it is still pretty darn affordable considered what you are getting. It also comes with a 7 day trial – so you can test the waters before fully comitting. It is very intuitive, each lesson is based on knowledge you aquired the lesson before.

Mondly: With a friendly interface, and variety of interactive lessons mondly is amongst the best apps that you can find at the moment. You don’t have to be a native English speaker in order to use the app as Mondly offers all lessions in your native language. This can be used in a fun way to use the app in two different languages at the same time. There you can find more exotic languages than on other apps bringing it up to 41!

utalk: This wonderful app offers a lot of value to beginners that are just starting out and intermediates that are looking to fill gaps. It offers a big variety of different topics – which you can freely choose and jump around between. It features over 60 Topics in more than 140 languages.

glossika: Its approach being an AI-driven repitition software that helps you aquire grammar and vocabulary. It also tracks your progress and reviews what you have learned so far.

1 on 1 online Teaching:

best language learning apps and resources for adults 2022

If you are not a fan of algorithmic flash card systems of gamified apps then getting some speaking practice with a real person might be the option for you! Luckily we´ve got you covered – with scheduled lessons and highly trained teachers you can dive into the process of learning guided by years of teaching experience and individual help perfect for your needs.

italki: This is a very well designed platfor that connects native speakers from all over the world with students to share their knowledge. Literally every polyglot we have met so far has used or is using italki at the moment either as a student a teacher or both. Many teachers offer trial lessons for as low as $1. If you are serious about about picking up another language – you have to check it out.

preply: Very similar to italki. Basically these two apps are the kings of online teacher platforms. We recommend you to use both and find out which community can provide the best language learing tips. It is a great opportunity for young students as some teachers offer lessons for 3$ per hour.

lingoda: The Berlin based has thousand of students from over 60 countries that are improving their English, Spanish, German or French skills. They offer either 1:1 or group lessons at any time of the day.

Can you learn a language with an app?

Language learning apps provide a safe environment for beginners to make mistakes and improve upon them. Hence they are a very effective tool to complement the process of learning a new language.

What is the best way to learn a language online?

Immerse yourself completely in the target language by making use of numerous tools, articles and videos. The main goal here is to keep the journey interesting by using the countless resources you can find online.